1. Rack type adjusting arm

    The rack-type adjusting arm has 4 powder metallurgy components, which are racks, gears, clutches, and worm shaft sleeves. Among them, gears, racks, and clutches are components with extremely high performance requirements, with a density of 7.2g/cm³.

    The raw materials come from the world's largest supplier of powder metallurgy materials-Höganas, Sweden. With high temperature sintering as the core process, 7 manufacturing processes and 4 performance process inspections are set up to ensure that the products out of the warehouse are qualified.

    As a star product, the rack-type adjusting arm has an annual manufacturing capacity of 2 million sets.

  2. S-ABA double turbo adjustment arm

    S-ABA double-turbine adjustment arm has 4 powder metallurgy accessories, namely one-way clutch gear, transmission saw gear, adjustment pinion and control arm gear. Among them, the one-way clutch gear has a total of 7 different specifications of angular gaps. It adopts Hoganus material and uses a high-density solution of warm mold pressing, so that its working torque can reach 45Nm or more, and its performance is more than 20% higher than that of the same industry. There are 12 different angle gaps for adjusting the pinion.

    The entire series of products has 7 manufacturing processes and 4 performance inspection processes to ensure product reliability. The annual shipments of such products reach more than 2 million sets, which are supplied to adjustment arm manufacturers such as Wan'an Technology, Hubei Zhonghan, and Dexin Wantong, occupying more than 70% of the country's share.

  3. S-ASA automatic gap adjustment arm

    S-ASA adjustment arm has 3 powder metallurgy parts, namely clutch, pinion and gear ring. Unlike the ordinary second generation, Longzhong second generation does not use one-way clutch gears and drive saw gears. The product adopts 9 manufacturing processes and 4 performance inspection processes. Thanks to the advantages of the process, the product has better dimensional stability and aesthetics while ensuring product performance, thereby ensuring the product qualification rate.

    The supply of Hualian to Longzhong Group has reached more than 5 million sets. At present, Hualian has independently researched and developed the key component of the S-ASA automatic clearance adjustment arm-the large helical gear. The product integrates Hualian's core technology and has good performance. Completely replace traditional steel parts, improve production efficiency while improving quality and reducing costs for customers.

  4. BD type adjusting arm

    Under the wide application of automatic adjustment arms, BD type adjustment arms are currently mainly supplied to the after-sales market, and Hualian mainly supplies powder metallurgy accessories in BD type adjustment arms.

  5. American adjustment arm

    The American adjusting arm has roughly 4 powder metallurgy parts, namely the clutch static plate, the clutch moving plate, the adjusting bushing and the arm end bushing. Our company produces a total of 4 different styles of clutch static and moving plates, which are made of sinter-hardened and high-alloy materials. There are 7 manufacturing processes and 4 inspection processes.